HMR Jacob

Steel technicians for wood construction

The company HMR Jacob is known to many wood constructors as a renowned supplier to the wooden construction industry. The company which originally had 35 employees, was brought under the roof of the Haslinger group of companies at the Osterhofen site in 2005 by the then Director, Mr. Alex Jacob. The move to Uttingkofen took place in 2012. The more than 50 years of specialization by HMR Jacob in wood construction is continued here with special product and construction solutions. HMR Jacob GmbH metal construction is now registered as a brand at the German Trademark and Patent Office.

Products for wood construction

The HMR Jacob product range includes

  • Screw-jointed parts
  • Laminate presses
  • Machine components
  • Welded parts and
  • Steel and bridge constructions


Our rod dowels and threaded rod dowels have the CE-label. This is a legal requirement for many building projects.

We also offer powder coating of large parts and the manufacture of laser cut parts. A well-equipped inventory of machines enables the manufacture of a wide range of items. The range of machines encompasses various turning and milling machines, a girder cutting and drilling system, a plasma and flame cutting machine, rod dowel manufacturing machines, bending machines and metal folding presses.


Examples of breath-taking wood and steel constructions
can be found in the "welded parts"