Welded parts

Highest class welded parts

The company has the Welding certificate EN 1090-2:2008 + A1:2011, with the highest completion class EXC4. The welding area is equipped with various welding machines, different system welding benches, a longitudinal welding system and a welding robot. A welding specialist engineer and welding experts are available for supervision of the welding area. Regular completion of internal and external welding tests ensure that welding activities are carried out to a very high level.

References HMR Jacob

Stahlteile und Verbindungsmittel für den Holzbrückenbau (Auflagerstahlteile, Pylonen, Zugstangen,etc.)

Aggerbrücke, Lohmar (Quelle: Schaffitzel)                   

Precision work

Tree towers

Exhibition, event and theatre halls

Works halls, sports halls, ice rinks, warehouses

Wildlife bridges - green bridges

International special projects

Wooden towers - lookout towers

Other complex components for sometimes extreme static requirements