Wood construction assembly parts

Screws- Connectors

Galvanized beam-end connectors

For connecting horizontal and vertical timbers.
Lateral bolts and screw are located inside the wood.
Secure connection that can be tightened at any time. Design ST37,
with and without dowel possible complete fittings consists of Simplex bolt, dowel rod with hole and washer compliant with

  • DIN 1052
  • with half rod dowel
  • M12 x 60 mm, M12 x 90 mm,
  • M16 x 60 mm, M16 x 90 mm
  • with full rod dowel
  • M16 x 100 mm
  • M20 x 100 mm


Nuts and bolts in special sizes

Standard dimensions:

  • Construction bolts with hexagonal nuts DIN 601, S235 galvanized, M10 - M36
  • Wood bolts DIN 571, S235 galvanized, thickness 12 - 24mm
  • Washers DIN 1052 and DIN 440, each S235 galvanized,
    Interim sized possible at any time
  • In addition to our standard dimensions we manufacture to order
    in S235 and S355, each galvanized or untreated, and in V2A und V4A.
  • Thread thicknesses up to M64 are possible
  • Round/rectangular washers in all sizes/thicknesses, interior and exterior diameters

Please ask us about special bolts and/or washers

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