Swing cranes

Your jib crane manufacturer

If you need a crane system at different work locations:

  • to make frequent lifting operations in a defined circumference easier
  • as a simple re-equipping solution
  • for industry and trade


Gerhard Michael Welter

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Wall-mounted jib crane

  • attached to the building of the hall construction (girder) or to
    existing walls
  • with extensions up to max 12 metres
  • capacity up to 10 tonnes
  • with mechanical swivel function

    Pillar jib crane

    • set on dowel plates or
      anchored with a foundation
    • with extensions up to max. 12 metres
    • Capacity 100 kg
      and 20 tonnes
    • with mechanical or electric swivel function

    Pillar jib crane mobile

    • mobile version of the pillar jib crane on rollers
    • extension to a maximum of 12 metres
    • with mechanical or electrical swing function