Model SH8 cable winch


The main components of the new SHW8 cable winch for loads up to 160 tons come from the reliable SH series. Thanks to the consistent modular design of this model series, virtually unlimited combinations of the components support individual solutions as well as efficient production at a high level of quality.

The world's most modern winch design

The SHW8 cable winch is currently the most modern design on the world market and, of course, especially low-maintenance.

SHW 8 winch

  • SH series standard components proven thousands of times
  • Modular system
  • Three lifting motors up to 38 kW with two speeds, ratio 1:6
  • Six lifting motors up to 200 kW and continuous speed control
  • All travel drives with soft-start
  • Overload cut-off is preconfigured at the factory
  • Compact overall height thanks to innovative design of the rope drive

SHW8 winch: Technology

Knowing the sophisticated technology behind the SHW 8 winch is reassuring. The largely maintenance-free, proven series components of the modular winch system are perfectly coordinated with each other. They guarantee consistent performance, high efficiency and a long service life. The flexible drive technology, high-performance gearing with  versatile gear ratios and standard safety components along with many additional options improve workplace safety.

4 Control and motor management

  • Standard condition monitoring
  • Reduced load through suppression of jog mode
  • All common control voltages available
  • High level of safety due to overdimensioned contactors
  • Monitoring of the lifting motor and travel motor temperature

5 Overload cut-off

  • Permanent electronic monitoring of the suspended loads
  • Limitation of the maximum load by load measurement at the rope anchorage possible in the case of multiple reeving
  • Preset overload cut-off on swivel-mounted gearing or rope anchorage, depending on design size

6 Gear limit switch

  • Standard emergency lift travel cut-out at highest and lowest hook position
  • Optionally the switch can be equipped with up to eight switching elements. This can be used, for example, to realise additional stop positions and the operating shut-off at the lowest hook position.

7 Rope drive

  • Designed for outstanding safety and a long service life
  • Flexible, galvanised special rope with rope safety factor >4
  • Two ropes in the standard version, no sideways hook movement
  • Wear-resistant return sheaves, fine machining provides rope-friendly grooves in rope drum
  • Robust hook block with small overall height notwithstanding large hook dimensioning

SHW 8 winch options

Numerous mechanical, electrical and electronic options are available to make your outstanding standard SHW 8 winch even safer, more economical and convenient. Improve the performance of your wire rope hoist and adapt it to your individual needs with the options.

SMC multi-controller

  • Permanent load monitoring, also when the lifting unit is standing still
  • Overload protection through ALC automatic load control
  • Load spectrum recorder for load-specific run time accumulation
  • Monitoring of the lifting motor and travel motor temperature
  • Production data acquisition, for example, hours of operation, load spectrum, motor circuits and load cycles
  • Data can be exchanged with a PC

Frequency converter for "lifting"

  • Smooth starting and braking characteristics
  • Load swing greatly reduced
  • Fast, precise positioning of the load, corrective switching operations rarely necessary
  • The reduced dynamic load extends the service life of the lifting motor and gearing, and protects the entire system.
  • ESR (Extended Speed Range) function for higher lift speeds under partial load
  • Worldwide approvals of all frequency converters
  • Certified according to DIN ISO 9001

Frequency converters for trolley/crane movements"

  • Implemented and installed in a separate equipment box
  • Straightforward parametrisation and operation
  • Standard speed range 1:10, optionally up to 1:30
  • PLC compatible with higher-level systems (optional)
  • All common international mains voltages are covered.

Explosion-protected version of the winches

Optionally the cable winches and corresponding
accessory components are also available in explosion-protected versions.

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