Light crane systems

ERIKKILA small crane system

The customer gets "everything from one supplier" at the Haslinger Group of Companies– the design is well-thought out and completed to a high quality. Individual solutions are created for every challenge posed to us by our customers. This company philosophy is also followed by our firm in small crane technology.

Complete small crane system for trade and industry

We found a reliable partner in the Erikkila company, to support us in the implementation of our aims. The Erikkila small crane system (PROSYSTEM®) is a complete small crane system for tradesmen and for industry.

With a capacity of up to 2,000 kg, it enables an increase in productivity in the various areas of your business. It can also save huge costs to the company with improved logistics and simplified transport routes.

Advantages of the Erikkila small crane system(installed by Haslinger GmbH Metal Construction and Crane Technology &amp):

  • short delivery times for tailor-made solutions
  • greater safety due to profile overload indicator as standard
  • no welding is necessary to install the system, as all the parts are bolted together
  • if needed, free-standing constructions are also available as standard with the same short delivery times
  • larger suspension spacings through optimised profile
  • we will adapt to your circumstances in situ and implement the optimal solution for your business