Radio remote control

Radio remote control

We offer various radio remote controls for use in new installations and for retrofitting your existing crane systems and lifting gear. They are suitable for all types of overhead cranes, monorails and (wall-mounted) slewing cranes as well as chain hoists, wire rope hoists and winches. Using a radio remote control instead of the commonly used cable pendant control makes working with the crane system more convenient and also improves safety through more flexible operation.
We deliver and install standard systems from stock for very short delivery times.
With all systems that have to be ordered, we work closely with the respective manufacturers to keep delivery times as short as possible so you can use the radio remote control system of your choice as soon as possible.

We are a service partner of
HBC-radiomatic GmbH.

Transmitter (pushbutton control)

Transmitter ? joystick control (master switch control)

Radio receivers

The following radio receivers are available:

Receivers with a greater range of functionality are also available to meet special requirements.

Radio remote control questions and consultation:

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