Special solutions

Cranes-special constructions

Our crane technology experts, engineers and technicians develop individual crane system solutions in close cooperation with our customers for a great variety of sectors.

We are always particularly proud of the short development times ,
which our outstandingly trained employees deliver. The flexible use of many types of machine. Our own metal and steel construction and our own varnish and powder coating installation allow us to give a very attractive price calculation for high-quality production.

You can find one of these special solutions in the STAHL CraneSystems customer magazine (extract from edition 06/07-2014). This is a solution for a special crane with a construction height of only 57.8 cm.

Special construction for South German prefabricated house manufacturer

The special solution designed for the low production hall
consists of two double-girder special suspended cranes in light profile girder-
construction. High-set crane bridges and a correspondingly high-set chain hoist allow an extremely low construction height of 57.8 cm including safety clearance to the chain case. Compact standard series ST 20 chain hoists serve as the lifting gear. Each of the cranes has a load capacity of 1.25 tonnes (track centre dimension: 12 metres).

Other special crane construction formats

Console crane

  • E.g.: as an additional level of crane between hall crane and workplace cranes
  • there are cranes that travel along walls
  • designed to swivel

Systems with extensions additional to lifting gear

  • Fork-lift crane
  • Forklift crane with rotation function and additional fork-lift

Gantry crane

  • travelling or stationary
  • flexible solution for different lifting spaces

Extending crane

  • Telescoping and cross-travel takes place by a central drive
  • Both movements happen simultaneously
  • This results in a large extension range with a relatively short construction
  • The hook always remains at the same height during extension movements
  • The whole crane was built using ERIKKILA system profiles

Skylight crane

Design of a single-girder suspended crane with additional electrically extendable bridge positioned below it