Our own products

Special components

Chip Carrier
Can also be used as a folding waste container


  • 2-coloured sheet steel
  • powder-coated surface blue / grey
  • new rolling mechanism with the swivel axle borne above the centre of gravity
  • optimised load centre (triple roll-away)
  • Anti-slip fork-lift sockets
  • Water drainage hose as coolant level display
  • Screen plate easily removable for cleaning
  • narrow, compact, robust welded construction


  • uniform tipping momentwithout overrun and effort-saving handling
  • long lifetime due to robust construction and powder coating
  • universal use due to low drop edge extremely portable due to
  • narrow, compact construction
  • Self tipper can be operated from fork-lift
  • high level of separation due to large dimensioned perforated interim floor
  • Can be built in low and high versions

Safety cages
For safely working at heights


  • Dimensions: H approx. 2560 mm x W 1200 mm x L 1800 mm; platform clearance height approx. 2335 mm 
  • Load capacity: 500 kg
  • Accessible from three sides with self-closing doors with additional locking mechanism 
  • Full-height safety guard on one side, standard railing with toe board and knee rail on the other sides
  • Stud plate base pan with drainage holes 
  • Four forklift pockets on the bottom => The cage may only be picked up from the side with the safety guard and special safety devices have to be installed to prevent it from sliding off 
  • Flanged sheet aluminium roof with 4? pitch to the safety guard side for water drainage
  • PPE suspension points in the cage corners


  • Custom sizes available on request
  • Additional storage can be installed in the cage on request
  • Meets occupational health and safety requirements
  • Long service life thanks to very sturdy construction and complete hot-dip galvanising
  • Fabricated according to current regulations 
  • Delivery includes operating manual and EC declaration of conformity

Exhaust clamping tubes

for repair of car and light goods vehicle exhaust pipes

Designs supplied:

  • of rolled sheet steel 1mm with customizable internal diameter
  • 5 various sizes with a clamping range of 28 - 53mm available
  • Special manufacture possible on enquiry
Type 1Type 2Type 3Type 4Type 5
Cage nutM6M8M8M8M8
Clamping range28-3231-3635-4140-4645-53




Swing door hinges

Area of application:

  • Fixing of glass swing doors
  • Emergency fold-out


  • Swing range 2x 90°
  • Determination at 0° and 2x 90°
  • automatic return range 2x 80°
  • The hinges consist of 80% anodised aluminium, the rest stainless steel and nickel-plated steel.


Centering cone

Application area:
Centering cone (steel sheet St1203 thickness 3mm) are used for centering prefabricated part supports and other elements to be assembled at a previously defined point. Static tasks are not envisaged here.

designs that can be delivered:

  • Small centering aid: Size 75 x 75 mm
    Use primarily for smaller supports
  • Large centering aid: Size110 x 110 mm
    Further development with wider edge and larger contact area of the support foot on the metal.

Notes on processing:

  • Bringing the levelling layer to ±0
  • Inserting the centering cone with the claws into the fresh concrete
  • Take-up of the countersink into the central hole at the tip of the cone

Using the central hole, it is possible to align exactly to other centering cones. It is important to carry out this work very carefully, but it saves a significant amount of time when assembling the crane.