Powder coating

on steel, aluminium, or zinc

We will coat a variety of materials and surfaces for you:
Steel and aluminium workpieces - galvanized or already-coated parts.

Large part coatings in multiple -shift operation

  • Workpieces up to 13m long, 3.5m high and 2.5m wide
    and with a unit weight of up to 4 tonnes
  • Material thicknesses up to 80 mm
  • 1,800 m² covered storage space, in which your
    parts for coating are protected from wind and weather
  • fully automatic washing system
  • large powder store with approx. 150 different powder coatings

We coatfences, fire protection windows and doors, welded constructions and machine components of all kinds.

Clean and imprint-free coating

We can create the ideal surface for subsequent coating with a safe process using our fully automatic wash system:

  • A lot of experience in powder coating according to DIN 55633
    from lots of contracts from Deutsche Bahn
  • almost no imprints from suspension
    thanks to special suspensions
  • Sand blasting & sweeping work

  • flexible pick up times from 06.00-18.00
    and by arrangement

CO2 neutral coating

We manufacture your components in an environmentally friendly and CO2 -neutral way.
Our powder coating furnace is 100% wood-chip fired and is among the largest wood chip furnaces in the whole of Germany. We cover our energy use with our own feed-in via our photovoltaic systems.



Your piecework-powder coater from East Bavaria.