Galvanized small parts

Small parts especially are blue galvanized in our newly-installed galvanic equipment (barrel plating). In-house galvanization is used especially for corrosion protection of dowel rods (HMR Jacob)
and a great variety of customer work-pieces.

Small parts:

  • max.5 kg individual weight
  • max. individual length 950 mm
  • we offer only blue galvanized goods, as for environmental reasons we do not use yellow chromate coatings (Cr-VI free passivation)
  • meets EN 1232 (previously DIN 50961)
  • very thin layer thickness (approx. 8 µm)
  • can be varnished and resistant to stickers
  • temperature-resistant
  • prevents contact corrosion

Martin Bauer

Authorized Representative/ Works manager
Sales HMR Jacob
Tel. +49 8543 9618-512