Composite lumber press

Laminate press jig "Lust"

Production and sales taken over in December 1995 by the successor company Bessey & Son. The press racks are constructed in a 400mm raster - preferably -
for curved trusses. After the laminates are positioned, the wooden trusses are mechanically pressed via the pressing spindles with an impact wrench. The spindles are suspended via the threaded beam on the tension bars.
The front press plate is borne on the threaded spindle so that it can be rotated.

  • Press rack length 2300mm, 4-layer
  • Press height 250mm
  • Accessories and replacement parts

Laminate jig with hydraulic tightener

The laminates are placed on press racks constructed with 400mm separation and at the same time two wooden trusses are tightened with the tension bars and the press shoe (in pairs). These bars are secured with the wedges. Only slight curvatures can be achieved in reference to the lamination of two trusses at the same time (pressing force).

  • Press racks 2600 mm, 4-layers
  • Accessories and replacement parts