Rod dowel

What are rod pins?

Rod dowel rods are long, thin, galvanized round steel connectors with chamfered ends with no head.

Use of dowel rods

They are used to connect steel parts and wooden trusses.

The dowel rods are fed by hand through pre-drilled holes. The hole in the wood may not be larger than the diameter of the dowel rod.
Number and dimensions of the dowel rods used are based on the calculation of the load or type of load and are selected depending on the material thickness and installation situation.

The separations of the dowel rods to each other are selected depending on the diameter
and position to the loaded edge and the direction of chamfer.
All dowel rods from our works conform to CE.

Delivery possibilities

  • S235, S355 (EN 10277-2 / EN 10278) and 1.4571 (EN 10088-3 / EN 10278)- DIN 1052:2008-12. Bevel according to HMR-Standard
  • Alternatively with prior notice, bevelling can also be according to
    DIN 1052:2008-12 Table G.10
  • Completed untreated or galvanized
    - can also be supplied as hot-dip galvanized
  • dowel rods with both ends threaded can also be supplied
  • Standard sizes from ø 6 - 30 mm and
    standard lengths up to 600 mm
  • other sizes and lengths, including in
    intermediate dimensions can also be delivered at short notice

Advantages of HMR dowel rods

  • large stock of dowel rods in all common sizes
  • can be supplied at short notice
  • Dowel rods with threads at both ends are
    CE labelled!
  • fast completion of special productions
  • several parts can be processed at the same time with our thread cutting machine using multi-spindle machines. Thread sizes up to approx. M64 - right-hand and left-hand threads - are standard.
  • Bevel is double the size of the Standard DIN 1052:2008-12 Table G.10. This allows easier connection of steel with the wooden part or easier driving of the steel dowel into the timber.