High efficiency of powder coating

  • Powder-coated surfaces have a
    high chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Small irregularities in the sub-surface are very well covered by
    the high layer thickness of the coating
  • Layer thicknesses from 20 to 180 µm are possible in one work process
  • The electrostatic process is "self-limiting"
    - too much powder is repelled (Back-spray effect)
  • Optimum quality properties in one-coat-system
  • Lower shrinkage of the powder coating layer when burning in
  • No separation (o. flotation) of pigments during
    film formation
  • Normally, no primer needed for interior use!
  • Environmentally friendly (no expensive, toxic, unpleasant smelling,
    flammable and explosive solvents- almost no cleavage products
    when burning in
  • UV-resistance- even without clear varnish
  • Outstanding edge covering
  • fast drying

Thomas Fröhler

Authorized Representative, Director of Powder Coating
Laser cutting/ Pricing calculation & Sales
Tel. +498543 9618 -32

Haslinger - one of the largest powder coaters in Bavaria