Bridge crane

Overhead cranes, suspension cranes, jib cranes

Overhead crane - standard and special models

Quality is also very important to us in our crane area. In the crane bridges and crane girders manufactured by us, we use only proven, high-quality crane components from STAHL CraneSystems. Together with the comprehensive standard program, special models are also developed for your specific purpose.

The single-girder travelling crane with a capacity up to 16,000 kg is flexible and astonishingly adjustable. It runs on the upper rail of the crane track. Efficient materials flow solutions are possible with it even in low or small halls.

Optimal construction height- individual lift heights

A clearing to the building ceiling of 100mm is envisaged for single girder travelling cranes. This allows the lowest construction heights in low halls and optimal alignment to the hall profile. The lift height can even be increased using an angled crab.

Optimal use of space

The space situation can be optimally exploited by various installation versions. The crane bridge girder can be individually adjusted either ›flush above‹ (EL-A), ›flush below‹ (EL-B) or ›placed on top‹ (EL-C).

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Single girder suspended cranes

The single girder crane only needs a little space. It runs on the lower rail of the crane which is attached directly to the ceiling and achieves the greatest possible use of space. This guarantees optimal use of the room width especially in small production halls.

The capacity of the single-girder suspended crane ranges up to 10,000 kg. Suspended cranes in neighbouring hall sections can be linked to each other. The crane interlocking system works here completely jolt- and impact free The lifting gear can be driven on to the neighbouring crane with the suspended load and taken to any point in the connected system.

Double girder suspension cranes

Haslinger GmbH Metal Construction and Crane Technology specialises in the development and production of high-performance crane appliances in the upper load range. This includes the double-girder travelling crane with a capacity of 160,000 kg and a span up to 30 m. Large, bulky loads can thus be managed safely with great precision. This applies in particular to the use of several hoists in tandem operation equipped with precise, electronically controlled even running.

The double-girder travelling crane is integrated in planned or existing halls with special installation versions. The highest-possible hook position is especially beneficial in a double-girder travelling crane. The load hook is raised between the crane girders. We can implement additional requirements such as accessible crabs, service platforms, operator housing or higher crane travel speeds quickly and simply.