Conveyor technology

Working together with one of the world's most important manufacturers of components and systems for conveyance and material flow technology is an important factor for quality. The high-quality STAHL CraneSystems components are technically and commercially at the international cutting edge. Components, equipment and parts complement each other perfectly - both for standard crane systems and individual system solutions.

Wheel blocks

Wheel blocks are the "jack-of-all-trades" of conveying technology. They are used for a wide range of horizontal transport tasks. The compact units are constructed in different versions as a metal housing with integrated running wheel bolted or welded to construction-side machines or system parts.

We have now compiled for our customers a complete range of wheel-blocks including small wheel-diameters: four construction sizes are available: 125, 160, 200 und 315 mm

Crane end-carriages

Crane end-carriages for suspended and travelling cranes offer both safety and economy. They are also easy to assemble and quickly useable.

  • Drives with maintenance-free direct drive for gentle approach and braking characteristics
  • Nodular graphite cast-iron rollers GGG 70 ensure a long lifetime with a self-lubricating effect

Electrical components

With STAHL CraneSystems we offer you an extensive range of power and safety in crane electrics. This ranges from easy to operate control devices to control systems.

All components are designed to have a long lifetime and offer many options due to their modular construction.
The STAHL CraneSystems crane electrics encompasses:

  • cable electricity supply
  • bus bars
  • control rocker switch
  • radio remote control
  • crane controls, separate for lift, crab and crane drive or together in one device cabinet

Radio remote control

Along with cable control pendant operating units, radio control is being used more and more often in the systems. This makes the operator more flexible and allows a greater clearance to the hazardous area.

Push-button and master switch controls made by the most renowned manufacturers like HBC-radiomatic, ABITRON (previously HETRONIC) and IKUSI are used. Individual versions - standard up to special solution are available. Whether it is a simple chain hoist or a complex process crane system, with e.g., power selection, tandem operation and load display - together with our specialist advisors, we will find the ideal solution for you.

Frequency converter

Frequency converter for gentle approach and braking and smooth lifting and moving. They prevent dangerous swinging of loads and so make handling sensitive goods safe. SFD1 and SFD2 by STAHL CraneSystems, a market-leader in crane and lifting technology, are innovative and versatile frequency regulators for drives. Installation, parameterisation and operation are simple, the technology is future-orientated, and the increased safety in overhead material transport are more than impressive.

The frequency converters SFD1 and SFD2 were developed by STAHL CraneSystems together with capable suppliers. This guarantees both worldwide service and fast delivery of original parts.