Premium Quality
in every welded joint

EN1090-2 EXC4

The welding area is certified according to EN 1090-2 in the
highest completion class EXC4

This includes the following welding processes:

  • Hand arc-welding (111)
  • MAG-welding with solid electrode, part mechanical (135)
  • MAG-welding with solid electrode, fully mechanical
  • Tungsten-inert gas welding(141)

The company is certified both for welding construction steels (S235, S 355,)
and for chromium-nickel steels (stainless steels).

Our range of welded products is very wide and encompasses complex steel parts and girders up to 36 metres long. Tested sheets (US-test, Z-quality test, weld bend test) may be welded by us. Tests of welded joints are also carried out in-house by our specialists using ultrasound or dye penetration testing.

Quality, safety and appearance of the welded constructions are the trademark of
the Haslinger Group of Companies. Therefore, all welders regularly submit welding tests according to DIN EN ISO 9606-1 -all of our 50 welders.

Our welding team is led by two Specialist Welding Engineers,
and three welding experts.

Use of the most modern welding appliances

  • Welding robots able to process
    up to a part size 1500 x 100 x 500mm
  • Longitudinal weld system in which box girders up to 36 m-length,
    800mm width and 1750mm height can be welded on both sides.

Process security& Transparency

The material to be welded is all sandblasted and if necessary chamfered with welding preparation and so prepared thoroughly for the welding process. As part of our quality assurance, we can identify the worker processing the part and the material used for every welded part.

Turning machines, processing centres, milling machines

Our large inventory of machines includes conventional and digitally controlled turning machines and several processing centres like bed milling machines in travelling column construction with tool magazine, automatic milling heads "B" and "C" a hydraulically controlled round table as further axis control (possible max. processing path: X=4000mm, Y=1200mm, Z=1500mm)

Cycle-controlled turning machine

  • Gildemeister NEF 520:
    X Ø520via sledges X Ø290 Z1000
  • Turning machine MAHO: X Ø300; Z550

working widths up to 4 metres

  • Lagun G-Master:
    X3000 Y1000 Z1500 Kopf: 2.5°
  • Lagun GBR 4:X4000 Y1200 Z1500 head :2.5°
  • Wagner: X3000 Y1000 Z1000
  • Lagun GNC5M: X1000 Y450 Z540

Our well-qualified turners and millers have many years of experience, primarily in the manufacture of turned and milled parts, including for wooden construction. Our machines haveautomatic tool changers. Therefore, we can process your serial parts quickly and cost-effectively.

Profile beam cutting and drilling system

With our CNC-controlled profile girder cutting and drilling system with sandblasting system, drilling and engraving unit and sawing area installed in 2012, we can also guarantee very high-quality and efficient processing when processing profiles. The system is incorporated ideally into our manufacturing line and can be used very quickly for an individual metal processing operation by all departments.

Machine data:

  • Blasting system
    Blasting range: 1500 x 800mm
  • Drilling unit
    Processing area: min 50x5, max.1000 x 500mm
    vertical (Y-axis) 1 piece
    Horizontal (Z-and W-axis) 2 pieces
    Max. Drilling diameter 8 – 40mm
  • Automatic tool change:
    Tool receptacle SK40 (3x5) 15 spaces
  • Saw unit
    Processing area: Smallest material cross section: 20x10mm
    0 degrees: 1030x500mm
    +/-20 degrees: 980/960x500mm
    +/-30 degrees: 900/880/x500mm
    +/-45 degrees: 740/700x500mm
    -50 degrees: 630x500mm
    +60 degrees: 525x500mm

Hermann Apfelböck

Authorised Representative/ Sales and Project manager
Tel. +49 176 16744244

Franz Knödl

Dipl.Ing. (FH)
Authorized Representative/ Project Director
Tel. +49 8543 9618-14