Advice and Planning

High-tech steel construction-structures

Software tools

  • Tekla Structures 3D (Construction)
  • Autodesk Auto CAD (Construction)
  • Metal Bender 3D (Construction and processing
    of complex sheet components)
  • Act/Cut (Programming of all flame cutters and laser systems)
  • RStab (Static program can communicate directly with Tekla and process data)

Data formats:

  • Data input: dwg; dxf; stp; ifc; dgn; CatPart; igs; iges
  • Data output: dwg; dxf; stp; ifc; dgn

Through connecting the software used, we are able to respond to customers' requests for changes in the construction and manufacturing processes extremely quickly and flexibly.

Realistic visualisation

The many possibilities in 3D construction allow realistic visualisation. In comparison with previous times, very complex constructions can be much more easily captured and communicated to the customer with it.

15 experienced constructors and work preparers

This combination of the most modern software in the whole area of construction and preparation of work and the smooth and complete exchange of a great variety of file types internally and externally accelerate and simplify the production-
process. In addition, up to 15 experienced constructors and work preparers are always available for prompt and error-free processing of your order.