Automatic cranes

Automatic crane systems

Transport of a great variety of goods and loads

Our automatic crane systems are suitable for automated transport of a great variety of loads and materials. In particular, we have developed automatic crane systems for the transport of all types of bulk goods e.g., for the automatic fuelling of heating power-plants with wood chips or sludge handling.

We can offer automatic crane systems with track widths of up to 30 m with load capacity of up to 16t. Dive speeds vary, and are generally 5-40 m/minute and if needed, ca be increased to up to 80 m/min. Lift speeds up to 20 m/min are possible. For bulk goods, handling performance of 150 m³/ hour and more present no problems.

In order to be able to take up a great variety of bulk goods, our cranes are equipped with a range of grabs, depending on the use and throughput performance. We can supply our automatic crane systems with two-shell, multiple-shell or polygrabs.

Our project-specific solution offers advantages such as

  • Shorten the transport-/throughput times
  • Reduction of the personnel and operating costs
  • Use round the clock is possible
  • Nothing else needed for filling, e.g. wheel loaders

Fundamentally, we assume availability of over 95% for our crane systems.

The use of branded purchased parts gives high security against failure and fast and long-term spare parts supply. In use here for example are

  • control system: B&R Industrieelektronik GmbH
  • Lifting gear: STAHL Crane Systems GmbH
  • Drive: SEW Eurodrive GmbH & Co KG
  • Energy chains: KabelSchlepp Schmidberger GmbH
  • Spring reels: Cavotec Germany GmbH
  • Protection: Schneider Electric GmbH
  • Sensors: Pepperl + Fuchs GmbH
  • Fill level measurement: Vega Grieshaber KG

Operating modes e.g. for an automatic crane for movement of wood chips for a wood-chip heating system:

1. Automatic operation: The crane system automatically loads the push floor with fuel and automatically places delivered fuel into store.

2. Manual operation: In manual operation, the crane system can be operated with a hand-held pendant or optionally by radio control. The operator can individually control the following movements:

Longitudinal travel, traverses, lift, lower (each in 2 steps); open/close grab

In manual operation, all area recesses remain active, so the crane can only be moved in the same work area as for automatic operation.

3. Service operation: In service operation, the crane is controlled by the operator as in manual operation. All area recesses are removed so that all mechanically reachable areas can be reached at a safe speed. (e.g. Service platform for grab)


Special features in automatic operation with

bulk materials:

  • Placing into store: Crane system measures the bulk height of the delivered materials itself and load it into the areas pre-defined by the operator
  • Intelligent grab: The fill level of the grab is continually measured during the grab process, and if necessary, a new grab is made to ensure there is always a high fill level and so avoid empty movements.
  • Spaces: When the pre-set ground level is nearly reached, the crane system adjusts its grab properties itself. The floor of the store / delivery area is cleared, so that is can be driven on again by vehicles (e.g. for the next delivery)
  • Store management: The crane system distributes the fuel in the store in quality zones that can be defined by the operator. The current fill level of each store cell is measured at every traverse or electively with a measurement traverse. Running information of: fill level, quality and storage time can be called up for each cell. The operator receives a warning if material remains in one area too long .
  • Loading of the push floors by formula: the operator can specify with formulae which fuel quantities are used in what proportion to load the push floors. The crane system monitors the fill level of the push-floor itself and fills more fuel if the level falls below the set limit value.
  • Re-location: Material is automatically moved around the store according to operator specifications.
  • Safety-orientated recess of restricted areas: The crane system makes pre-defined recesses in automatic and manual modes for safety. This function is controlled by a safety SPS. This function allows people to be in the restricted area (e.g. service platform, visitor platform, delivery area) during automatic operation. Automatic operation does not need to be interrupted during fuel delivery.

In summary:

Ourautomatic craneincreases productivity sustainably in your operation, while taking the strain from your workers.

The automatic crane systems are developed and manufactured completely by us in-house.

The high depth of manufacture in-house provides the greatest flexibility in implementation of customers' wishes. Our strengths are construction, manufacture of all steel construction parts, our own varnishing/ powder-coating, assembly, control construction, programming, fitting, commissioning, annual testing and servicing and support with faults.