Highlights, big and small

Delivery of multiple slewing cranes

The support brackets for mounting one or two slewing cranes on one support are a special feature of these slewing cranes with an outreach range of 6 m. From planning to fabrication to installation ? everything from "Haslinger".


Cooling unit for salt water reactor

The Haslinger Group had the opportunity to work on a cooling unit for a salt water reactor. A housing with a length of 19.5 m and a corresponding transport cradle were fabricated in this project. The housing has a weight of about 23 tons, the transport cradle about 6.2 tons.

Steel construction skeleton with multi-unit staircase and protruding canopy

In this order, we created a steel construction skeleton, a multi-flight staircase access and a protruding canopy. Total height 40 m, length 30 m and a width of 10 m. The stair tower has a height of 25 m and 9 flights of steps and landings. The platform level is at 35 metres, the complete covering is aluminium sheet including aluminium substructure to lift out for loading with a hall crane. The canopy roof consists of a tube framework and is 30m long and 7 m wide. Features of this are the intersections of the tube elements. The whole hall was built using square and rectangular tubes so that no dust can gather, including the purlins! The whole steel construction encompasses approx. 110 tonnes, surface complete with powder coating.

Manufacture of a flexible weaving crane

The Haslinger company recently delivered a woven frame for steel reinforcement mats which is adjustable in height, width and length (length adjustment from 5,610 – 8,870 mm; width adjustment from 2,360 – 3,620 mm; height adjustment from 2,285 to 3,285 mm). The frame consists of nine base pillars, four of which are fixed to the floor and the other five can be moved around a floor plate. Drive is via drive motors with drive chains, universal shafts and racks. The steel matts are pre-mounted with flexible dimensions.

Haslinger in the London Underground - Farringdon Station

In spring 2016, part of the Haslinger Group of Companies went underground in London to manufacture the steel sub-construction of an Underground station. Over 500 metres of steel frame and consoles were manufactured as sub-construction for the facade of Farringdon Station and the base frame for the separation of platform and track bed on the Underground station in the heart of London.

The first part of the project was successfully completed by the Haslinger crew and now we are hoping for further challenging projects from the United Kingdom.

Steel constructions as bridges, overpasses or connecting bridges

This connecting bridge with a width of approx. 3,400 mm, a height of approx. 3,700 mm and a total length of approx. 120 m was supported at a height of about 10 m on 9 lattice stanchions. This required about 90 to steel construction, material quality, S235JR. The completion class here was EXC 3 and the welded joints were carried out in assessment group B. The individual elements with lengths of up to 14m were manufactured at the company base in Uttigkofen and taken to the construction site with special transport. Here, it was welded together or to the supports by our fitters. One challenge is that the bridge does not run in a straight line but has several bends.

61 Crane systems for the newly-constructed Jungheinrich-factory in Moosburg

Smooth logistics and warehouse stock is a basic requirement for efficient production in any company. If crane systems are needed as part of this, they have to be perfectly designed to a great variety of load-carrying and utilisation situations in all areas of work.

The material handling vehicle manufacturer Jungheinrich AG from Hamburg trusted the new-equipping of its new factory in Moosburg, Upper Bavaria, with over 60 crane systems to the crane construction experience of Haslinger GmbH, from the planning to the assembly of the crane solutions of varied dimensions.

Scope of delivery:

  • 61 Travelling and suspended cranes with a lifting force of 1t to 8t a spans width of up to 14m
  • Production and assemble of all associated steel constructions

2.6 km crane tracks and 19 crane systems for the BMW logistics area

The Haslinger company was also able to again demonstrate at BMW in Regensburg that it is the right partner for demanding large projects. A new logistics hall was completely equipped with Haslinger crane technology. This included 19 single-girder travelling cranes and 2.6 km of crane track. Planning, scheduling and assembly were coordinated precisely and carried out the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Short, shorter, super-short...Haslinger builds a special crane 57.8 cm high

Since 2013, two new special cranes have been working in the workshop of a Southern German pre-fabricated house manufacturer– despite difficult requirements: The headroom below the roof trusses of the hall is 4.20 metres and the wall elements to be lifted are up to 3.40 metres high.

The special solution that the Haslinger crew came up with consists of double-girder special suspended cranes in a light profile girder construction. High-set crane bridges and an in turn high-set chain hoist enable an extremely low construction height of 57.8 cm. The crane thus achieves a hoist height of 3.69 m and headroom to the lower edge of the chain box of 3.662 m - enough to lift the 3.40m high wall elements clear and turn them. The project was possible due to the technical skill of the Haslinger-constructors and the right standard crane components from STAHL CraneSystems.

Delivery of 100-tonne cranes for Russia

A total of 11 double-girder travelling crane systems were delivered to the Kamensk Uralsky Metallurgichesky Zavod aluminium factory in Russia to the east of the Central Urals.

The largest of these systems with a track width of 33.5 metres is designed for a 100t cable hoist with an auxiliary 30t lift unit. The proven STAHL lifting devices (e.g. cable hoist SHW8160-32 12/2-1 L4 + auxiliary lift ASF7080-25 8/2-1 L4) and components were used.

All systems were equipped with a service platform and additional service cradles for the area of the drives. Power-chains, kick-resistant cable conduits, were also use in the systems. Additional air-conditioning units were also fitted, to take into account the harsh operating conditions on site and so ensure low likelihood of breakdown in this regard too. To be able to carry out the order, the Russian TR-Certificate

was needed along with the highest welding qualification was needed.

Crane and forklift as combination solution

It is possible to lift and move loads on pallets or other work-piece carriers to areas that are hard to access with these special constructions by Haslinger. Loads of up to 3000kg can be moved safely and without any effort of re-organisation from A to B using the radio-controlled fork-lift crane with slewing ring.

Strong materials handling technology

Materials-handling steel constructions are a speciality of Haslinger. Together with absolute top quality, we offer you the top-prices, flexible deadlines and a great basis of specialist knowledge! In this project, for example, four materials handling steel constructions running together to one point were installed at BMW in Oxford under contract to Kuka AG. A total of 70 metres of transport route were created with nine conveyor belts. The steel constructions were designed with extension underpinning protection, service gantries, access ladders, handrail frames and extension tracks. Everything from one supplier, from planning to assembly!

Flexible carriage extraction

Body shells of various types and heights of handling can be accepted by the transport cradles developed by Haslinger. Height is adjusted by a manual hydraulic pump. There is also the option of the body shell being carried on a conveyor skid. The skid can be moved on flange rollers, the body shell can be moved on the roller bar.

Firm seat in the convertible thanks to Haslinger technology: testing station

The RHT testing station tests whether the cover-shells, the tailgate and the painting rack are correctly fitted or fixed. The complete testing station lowers over the car being checked, pneumatic cylinders push the test units sideways under the cover shells, tailgate and painting rack. Pneumatic cylinders check the correct fixing of the parts. If any parts have faults, an error message appears. Follow-up work is required

Flying carpet: conveyor technology for floor panelling

A renowned automobile supplier trusted Haslinger Metal Construction's experience in the sector for the smooth logistics of its vehicle carpets. Planning, manufacture and assembly of conveyor technology for floor coverings were provided by the steel and metal constructor from Lower Bavaria. The conveyor technology was designed so that heavy goods vehicles can dock backwards. The empty hooks are pushed into the conveyor system above the docking point and turned through 180° on points. The empty hooks are loaded with floor coverings precisely in time at a lift station and then steered with points and stoppers into the right rail system. A complete line with the complete goods is then loaded into the vehicle at the docking point and transported to the car factory. Smooth logistics with the construction saves time and money - we would be pleased to help with the optimisation of your projects.