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Electric chain hoists

The chain hoists from STAHL CraneSystems are among the most comprehensive in the world. Used in thousands of applications over decades, modernised and optimised time and time again, the STAHL chain hoist is a classic. It is powerful, reliable and undemanding in terms of maintenance and  energy consumption.

Bearing load from 125 kg to 6,300 kg

The ST model series is available with bearing loads from 125 kg to 6,300  kg. These chain hoists are offered as stationary models with a suspension hook, suspension eye or fixed  mounting and with a push trolley or electric trolley. They are particularly well suited for heavy industrial use.

The extremely short overall height available as an alternative for each chain hoist type optimises the usable hook height with minimal chain wear. Additional special versions and individual customer solutions are available in addition to the standard versions.

The innovative and trendsetting design offers economic benefits.

Large inventory of chain hoists & accessories

We offer many chain hoists (standard versions) from 125 kg to 6.3 tons, stationary or with manual or electric travel trolleys with very short delivery times.

Configure them according to your individual needs in our chain hoist  configurator.

Delivery within 48 hours

We stock the components in our chain hoist inventory so they can be individually assembled for you on site. Many accessories such as operating hour counters, limit switches and the like are also available on demand.
We deliver chain hoists from the configurator within 48 hours after issuing the order confirmation. The supplied chain hoists are ready to use immediately since they are plug-in units.

Chain hoist versions and accessories

ST chain hoist: Models and trolley versions

Various models and trolley versions for the ST chain hoist make it suitable for a wide variety of applications in crane and plant construction. Individually tailored to your specific needs as a stationary lifting device or with a trolley. The trolleys come with one travel speed as standard. Motors with two speeds are available as an option.
Compact structural dimensions and extremely short approach dimensions help optimise the use of the factory work floor.

Suspension options for the stationary version

The stationary ST chain hoist has a suspension hook in the standard version.
However, you can choose a suspension eye or fixed suspension as an option. The suspension eye is used when the stationary chain hoist is never or rarely moved to different locations. The low overall height provides a long hook travel, even in rooms with low ceiling heights. We recommend the fixed suspension for direct attachment of the ST chain hoist, for example, in plant construction. The extremely short overall height is advantageous here as well. Fixed installation also keeps the chain hoist from swinging on the trolley.

Foot mounting for the stationary version

To optimise the use of space in halls with low ceiling heights, the ST chain hoist can be bolted to a foot mounting from below.

Electric trolley, normal overall height

Every millimetre was optimised in the design to permit a large hook travel, even with the normal overall height.

Electric trolley, short overall height

The quiet running electric trolley can also be combined with the ST chain hoist "with a short overall height", reducing the overall height by another 33%.

Push trolley

The push trolleys for the ST 05 and ST10 1/1 chain hoists in the standard version with hook or eye have a pendulum connection to the chain hoist. A fixed connection to the chain hoist is available on request. This fixed connection is standard with the ST 20 through ST 60 chain hoists. The low overall height is maintained with the push trolley. Optional wheel arresters improve workplace safety.

Articulated trolley

The articulated trolley is available for frequently driving in curves and for tight radii. It is equipped with one or two drive motors depending on the curve radius, track flange width or use. The lateral guide rollers move with minimal wear. The articulated trolley is designed for a load bearing capacity of up to 6,300 kg.

Versions with short and extra-short trolley

The patented design of the extra-short trolley reduces the overall height by 60% and permits extremely large lifting heights.

Stationary dual chain hoist "Z"

The STD chain hoist is adapted to the width of the load and rigidly mounted on a substructure. The load hooks are respectively on the left and right of the chain hoist.

STD Vario dual chain hoist

The hook spacing is power adjustable and can be individually adapted to loads of different lengths. The two hooks are fully synchronised. Unintentional adjustment of the load hooks during lifting or movement is not possible.

Stationary dual chain hoist "E"

The STD chain hoist is adapted to the width of the load and rigidly mounted on a substructure. The load hooks are on one side of the chain hoist.

ST chain hoist: Technology

Knowing the sophisticated technology behind the robust ST chain hoist is reassuring. The low-maintenance components of the modular chain hoist are optimised to work together. They guarantee consistent performance, a long service life and high efficiency.

The patented massive cast iron chain guide is one of the key features for workplace safety. Since the load bearing components are integrated into this assembly, the load is carried where it is supported. Direct suspension means the distribution of forces is not via the housing.

4 Brake

  • Low-maintenance, asbestos-free electromagnetic disc brake
  • Overdimensioned braking torque
  • Long service life, brake lining condition can be inspected and measured
  • Brake fully enclosed against moisture, vapours and dust from the outside, ensuring lasting safe functionality

    5 Paintwork

    • Standard paintwork RAL 6018 yellow green and RAL 7021 black grey
    • High-quality base coat and top coat for standard applications
    • Special paintwork for outdoor use or corrosive ambient conditions
    • Other RAL colours available as options

      6 Overload slip clutch and gearing

      • With the ST10 through ST?60, the slip clutch runs in an oil bath.
      • Easy to adjust from the outside
      • Precise response characteristic
      • No electronic limiting required
      • Various gear reductions available
      • Overdimensioned helical gearing

          7 Chain

          • Surface hardened, galvanised large dimension load chain
          • High hardening depth for long service life
          • High classification according to ISO
          • Stainless steel load chains optionally available

          8 Chain box

          • Large selection of chain boxes made of plastic, sheet steel or fabric
          • Optionally available with no chain box

          ST chain hoist options

          Numerous mechanical, electrical and electronic options are available to make your ST chain hoist even safer, more economical and convenient. The service life of the chain hoist is also extended. Improve the performance of your chain hoist and adapt it to your individual needs with the options. 

          Lift operation limit switch

          • Available in two versions: Shut-off at highest hook position or shut-off at highest and lowest hook position (stationary, push trolley, electric trolley).
          • Operation with hook block or hook tackle

          Gear limit switch

          • Various functions available, for example, operating shut-off at highest and lowest hook position or switching from fast to slow before the stopping points.
          • Protection class IP 55, optional IP 66

          SMC multi-controller

          • Permanent load monitoring with overload cut-off, also when the lifting unit is standing still
          • Overload protection through ALC automatic load control
          • Load spectrum recorder for load-specific run time accumulation
          • Monitoring of the lifting motor and travel motor temperature
          • Production data acquisition, for example, hours of operation, load spectrum, motor circuits and load cycles
          • Data can be exchanged with a PC

          Travel limit switch

          • Travel limit switch on the trolley for trolley movements, optional end stop for both travel directions
          • Switching from >fast to slow< (pre-tripping)
          • Switching contacts designed for control current
          • Protection class IP 66

          Chain guide made of spring sheet steel

          • High-strength chain guide for rough use
          • Closed chain guide
          • Extremely wear-resistant, case-hardened chain sprocket

              Bypass brake

              • Second brake for enhanced safety
              • Identically dimensioned
              • The second brake acts directly on the load in the power train, bypassing the slip clutch.

              Vibration damper

              • Available for STD10 through STD60 dual chain hoists
              • Minimises vibrations produced by chain hoist operation and transferred to the load chain by the chain sprocket (polygon effect).

                Load display

                • Four-digit, seven segment load display
                • SLD (Stahl Load Display), large format, luminous red, available with various interfaces including CAN
                • Numeral height 60, 100 or 150 mm
                • No additional sensor is required when the standard load sensor is used.

                Explosion-protected version of the chain hoists

                Optionally the chain hoists and corresponding accessory
                components are also available in explosion-protected versions.
                Detailed information on our explosion-protected chain hoists.

                Order your chain hoist online

                With our chain hoist configurator, you can assemble your chain hoist according to your individual needs.

                Determine the load bearing capacity, lift height, lift and travel speed and control type, and select additional accessories and equipment features yourself, exactly as needed for your intended use.
                We deliver the lifting gear from the configurator within 48 hours after issuing the order confirmation or as individually agreed with you.

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